Aaron Lewis House of Blues 10/20/10 "Everything Changes" & some funny stuff

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Comment by Marcia on December 16, 2010 at 12:18pm

Aaron is brilliant.  I'm sure he was a handful as a child but he certainly has grown into a man his family can be proud of.  Loved them when they were Staind and love him as a solo guy.  I pray for him and his family.  He is a true American who has made me rethink my beliefs.  I used to identify with the Tea Party but lately, I'm moving toward Constitutionalism.  I think, in the end, it's really the only way to get our country back.  It's not the country of my childhood.  Things have been turned on their heads.  48 Billion dollars is a single earmark in the new omnibus bill.  It's to be distributed to the poor citizens by a guy who runs a daycare out of his apartment.  Really?  It sickens me to see the way they waste our money.  Stay out of our lives.  Do your job and only what the constitution says to do. No DREAM act, no Start Treaty, which part of it is written in Russian...  Just stop and let us live our lives free!

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