They say a picture's worth 1,000 words
I say it's worth 1,000 lies
We looked so happy, the three of us
But who would've thought
That everything would go terribly wrong

I remember it all
It looked like you were having a ball
Drank 'till the very last bottle
You would always sway and wobble

I remember everything
Every time you slapped
Every time you choked
Every time I bleed
Every time I plead
"Please mommy stop,
It hurts."

You made me look like a leopard
I had to grow up
I had to cover up
You told me to keep my mouth shut

You sent me to live with Daddy
Then you left the country
And left me to wonder,
Was it something I did?

I live with Dad but he's changing
Changing into you
I'm tired of living in fear

And I cry out to my "friends"
My supposed second family
But they could care less
They're caught up with their boyfriends
Or their girlfriends
Or just a crush
To give a shit about me

It makes me wonder
What would they do if I suddenly disappear?
Would they miss me?
Would they forget me?

Part of me grows to hate them
Although I still love them.
Why wont one of them stop,
Stop and say,
"It's okay. I'm here. Cry on my shoulder."?

But then there's my "Mother"
She told me she's changed
She told me she loves me
She's sorry
Then why isn't she here with me?
I grow to hate her too
But part of me also loves her

So in the end
I love but I hate
All those around me

Everyone says:
"Those are the kind of people that love you."
Then why do I only see their backs?

But maybe they'll be that family I want
That family i need
But those are my friends

For my mother,
I wonder
I wonder if things could ever be
Be like they never were in those photos

But I know the truth
That will never be
So there's one question left
What went wrong?

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Comment by ERIN PARKER on June 20, 2010 at 2:19am
Girl you poured your heart out!!!! This is beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! So much pain, but you have found such a talented way to release it!!!!!! Good for you!! I wish you all the best and true happiness! You deserve it!

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