Isnt funny when you can consistently pick up an album
from a bands catalouge and that band screams at you "your not alone pal we know what your going through!" i get that to any album by staind
almost like Aaron can picture me and feel what iam feeling thats why he is a god
i honestly have sooo much respect for the man and i wish i could only write like him
he is soo honest and soo true and he understands what really lies behind the fake plastic and selfish world we live in
i want to tell the world and share with the band if they care (i dont mean that in a mean way its just i know there busy and not sure if they read what we write but thats ok i still appreciate them!!)
They help me through the lonely sad times in my life and get me through to another day
who needs councillers when you got Aaron and the boys Right!!!!!
Take Care all and stay warm!

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