Got a couple more reviews and interviews to share.

Click here to read a review and check out the pics of one of Aaron's shows at the Turning Stone.

Volume has a interview and concert review available, but it's not in English, here's the translation.

The U.S. rockers Staind are in the context of their tour through Europe in the arena occurred. In Vienna, they presented their new album "The Illusion Of Progress". Volume met the guitarist of Staind, Mike Mushok, a little conversation about God and the world to lead.


Text and Interview by Sandra Naber

Do you have something of the city?

Yes, we had two days off. Now we had a little time, some of us to be. Vienna is truly a beautiful city.

Do you have a couple of Austrian specialties tried?

We had Wiener Schnitzel. Giant Wiener schnitzel.

To Drink? A general question: Who has the better beer - Australia or America?

I like to drink light beer in the states, which tastes completely different than what you get here. I'm so used to it, because that is all I drink. The beer in Europe is good, but I'm really just this beer usual. Sorry! '

You're from Springfield, Massachusetts. Timothy Leary comes from there, perhaps it is also the hometown of the Simpsons ...

There have been times recently where a competition. When the movie came out, were all Springfields, which is there in America to host the official film premiere apply. The Springfield in Vermont has won, since it is considered the Simpson home city views. We have, unfortunately, because nothing like this.

Staind have been around 15 years in the music business. Is the publication of a new album or start a new tour is still exciting for you?

Yes, of course. Again, this tour is exciting. We are all back in Europe and it is going very well. All concerts have gone well. It is exciting, after a few years back to be here. We are already the second time there and also in summer for some festivals, hopefully, thereafter. We are happy on the stage, and deny our livelihood with a job that we love. We are grateful that we still can do.

You are indeed a very fanfreundliche band. Did you ever experience and strange encounters with one of your followers?

I was daheim times followed by a Walmart, that was still not worth mentioning. This happens is okay. If someone says, "Hey, I like your music", is particularly cool - and comes back out even before. Thank you. We have really great fans, so we try also to have them.

Nothing dangerous or at least times a stalker?

A guy in Chicago, of all people he would tell me. He is gone in bars, has moved away from other people pay for his drinks, and is then cut off. Later he herumerzählt, he or what I would have run with Jessica Alba. Bizarre, in any case! I've got from the guy but have been about a year not heard.

Jessica Alba is pretty cool.

I'm happily married, so I am interested in is not really. But perhaps we could make something so. That would be pretty good. Only for the speeches.

Do you have an embarrassing favorite CD or a favorite act, which you do not want any of them know?

No, not really. There is nothing that I hear that is really embarrassing. The next would be the Journey. But there are good musicians in the band, and they have some good cheesy songs from the 80s.

Your new album sounds very sad, even by her songs like "Rainy Day Parade" or "Lost Along The Way". Where is the good mood?

If one listens closely, what Aaron sings, it is not so depressing, but rather close to the life in all songs is a little optimism, you just need a little listen.

We will review it. Finally, last question: If you make a new album, as it decides what songs come out and what not?

Always the same, even with this album. When the end comes, can not decide which songs we omitted because we all like to give it wants - and then it must be! This is really hard.

VOLUME Concert Review:

Return with success

"Believe in me, I know you've waited for so long" sings frontman Aaron Lewis on the first single from latest album from Staind. Thus he takes us with the words from the mouth, since the last European tour of his band is already three years ago.

The first concert in three years

With the powerful opener "Come Again" singer Aaron heat, guitarist Mike Mushok, bassist Johnny April and drummer John Wysocki immediately the entire arena in this bitterly cold winter night. Followed by "Falling" and to sing along with the inviting "Right Here", the mood quickly at peak. In the following 90 minutes Staind present a cross-section of their previous works, thanks to vibrant melodies, carefully worded text and noted their enthusiasm quickly for all visitors to take.

Gooseflesh epidemic in the whole room

Among the highlights are undoubtedly the only Aaron Lewis with an acoustic guitar ballad performed "Tangled Up In You" and their hits "It's Been awhile" and "Outside". After asking for peace, presented frontman Aaron surrender to the microphone at the song "Intro" from the album "14 Shades Of Gray" in the hall throughout the Gänsehaut epidemic breaks out.

A more successful than evening of each concert goers for a long time should be remembered. One can only hope that the next concert in Austria, not again have to wait long for it. Until then: "The Illusion Of Progress" hear!

has a review also, but you'd like a translation, please let me know.

96 Rock has some photos as well as a video from when Aaron performed in Durham. Click here to see the photos.

Finally, Spotted has some great pics of Aaron show the first night at Bears Den. Be sure to check them out.

Those of you attending Aaron's show at Mohegan, have a great time and be sure to attend the signing he's doing there too.

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Comment by Josh on February 28, 2009 at 9:53pm
Yeah I figured the podiuminfo one wasn't the best, which was why I didn't even bother really translating unless someone wanted, it was good though they had photos of the show regardless.
Comment by Raymond13 on February 28, 2009 at 8:38pm
the podiuminfo review is very sad... i wanna kick the writer... do your homework! talking about songs like falling down and crawl... they didnt play them!
whining about missing the emotion in IBAW & Outside... that is called moving forward... and missing the old frustration in mudshovel? he already gave the answer... old...
it's the illusion of progress ;-)

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