so here i am sitting in auckland, new zealand in the quantas lounge going on the 8th hour of our lay over with 6 more hours to go before we can take off to la.  do the math...14 hour layover!!  OMG!!  that was after a 6 1/2 hour flight from perth, australia to auckland.  then we get to fly for 12 hours to la to sit in la for 3 another hours before we get on a plane for 6 more hours to new york.  clear customs and then a 2 hour ride home, which i should arrive at 1 am on thursday morning.  i have a degree in electrical engineering so i can do this math... 6 1/2 hours (perth to auckland) + 14 hour layover + 12 hour flight (auckland to la) + 3 hour layover + 6 hours (la to ny) + 2 hours home = HELL!!!  oops!  nope, 43 1/2 hours of travel.  add in the 3 or so hours we were in perth and let's just call it almost 2 days of travel.  get my travel agent on the horn...YOU'RE FIRED!!!  

ok, im a bit delirious and actually just read the saddest story online (at least there's internet in the lounge).  google, chief warrant officer edward cantrell.  he was a highly decorated green beret who just returned home in august from a collective 6 tours of duty in iraq and afghanistan whose house caught on fire with his wife and 2 daughters isabella and natalia, 6 and 4 inside.  him and his wife jumped from the 2nd story window and he went back inside to rescue his 2 daughters and never made it back out.  both he and his daughters perished in the fire.  believe me, i have NOTHING to complain about.  my heart breaks for that poor mother/wife, louise.  made me need to speak to my family and realize how thankful i am.  my prayers go out to louise cantrell and can't imagine how difficult the time ahead will be.  one of those stories that really breaks my heart. 

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Comment by spidermonkey on March 10, 2012 at 11:15pm

airplanes, cell phones and the internet make the world seem so small but then you hear stories like these and there's a major disconnect.  off to hug the fam....

Comment by Sabine van der Zwan on March 10, 2012 at 11:55am

I had the same traveling back from NZ to London with my young son at the time a 13 hour layover in Australia crazy stuff!  like you say  - things don't seem half as bad when you read a sad story about  Edward Cantrell and his family ... it puts things back into perspective and all doesn't seem half as bad

Comment by kelley ballew on March 9, 2012 at 7:23pm

Glad you all finally made it home..Cant wait to see you all at the first MASSCHAOS show in Augusta Ga!!! I am lucky to have VIP!!! Cant wait to meet ya'll!!!! That is a sad story..........makes you very thankful for what you have for sure.. <3

Comment by matty80 on March 7, 2012 at 3:31pm
Wow, sounds like a long trip Mike!

Thanks for making the effort to come to Australia in 2012, hope the trip home doesnt put you off returning in future!

That story is tragic, I hope she pulls through ok, such an unfortunate event for a family who had already given so much!


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