ive been listening to staind since i was like 8. my friends dad used to play dysfunction all the time and i loved it. i just had to say something:

i had a best friend who killed himself 2 weeks ago. honestly he was the last person anyone wouldve thought to do it. his name was tommy trimble. we thought he was invincible. he hung himself from a tree in his back yard. and now is the first time in my life that i think i can really relate to a song. i listened to epiphany for the first time in years and it was like wow. in the past ttwo weeks ive gone through more than i ever imagined i would. i dont know if any of the band actually reads this, but if they do i just wanted to say thank you for making music and having the guts to say in your songs that there is some pain and anger out there. i wish it would happen more often. maybe lives would be saved. so more than i think i could say, thank you.

"it's always raining in my head, forget all the things i should have said"

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