Thursday September 25th 2009 Staind Concert with Creed

I have to admit I have yet to miss a chance to see Staind. I refused to miss this concert but I have an Exam scheduled for the same day. Since my class is from 4pm-10pm I decided to enlist the help of my best friend. Her name is Amber, she is pregnant and knew she couldn't miss Staind either. So we came up with a plan: She and I will be visiting the ER during the day. I am willing to lie and say that I am severly sick so that I can call my professor from the hospital so he can let me take my exam another day just so I can go to the
I have never gone to such extreme measures to attend a concert before and I haven't been to a concert since I was pregnant with my son so nothing is going to stand in my way now...I always buy General Admission tickets so I can get as close to the stage as possible because you give such great performances. I can't wait to see you guys....again.

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Comment by SteFanie on September 25, 2009 at 9:59am
ok. didn't mean to come off like an ass. i work hard too. don't have kids but i live alone, have my own responsibilities and work 17 hour days, go to school part time, so yes i know what its like to deserve fun. i also work in a hospital and see the insane amount of people that come in there just to waste our time and take us away from REAL emergencies.

have a great time at the show and good luck on your exam.
Comment by Amanda Ortegon on September 24, 2009 at 7:04pm
And I got my tickets the moment they went on sale so I'm not worried about where I'll be....
Comment by Amanda Ortegon on September 24, 2009 at 7:04pm
Well I did need the note and it was really fast so I don't care what I had to do to see Staind. Besides I think I deserve to have some fun. I haven't been out anywhere since I had my son because I am a single mother doing everything by myself so whatever, I know I'm going to have fun tonight....
Comment by SteFanie on September 23, 2009 at 9:05am
wow, nice plan. but kinda a waste of the ER time/money don't ya think if your going to be seen but lie about an illness?! maybe just stop by and use their phone. good luck!

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