So my new favourite song is The Way I Am...

Long story short, my girlfriend decided to show me how much she loves me by making me a dvd photo thingy and a book - listing reasons why, saying "I love you" in different languages, describing me in one word for each letter of the alphabet, etc.
On one page of the book she wrote a few lines out of The Way I Am...

I'm not very good at just paying attention
I'm not very good at remembering things that you say
I'm not very good at persuing redemption
I'm not very good at concealing the hand that I play
(I know you all know the lyrics, lol)...

and she wrote "But you love me anyway" (aww).

Now oddly enough, a few days before this we had a big fall out and I was still stewing about it the day she did this book for me (only I hadn't been given it yet). I had been listening to Staind all day at work on my ipod (apple should sponsor me for that, lol), and when The Way I Am came on I felt it was exactly how I was feeling. It wasn't until she gave me the book that I realised she felt it was about her and I felt it was about me. That's when I also realised that this song is about everyone!

It doesn't matter who you are, that's The Way You Are! (not actual title, no copyright infringment intended, lol). No-one can change you, so they either have to accept you or piss off.

So that's why it's my new favourite song (as well as the fact that it rocks). Now I know you're thinking "Long story short? My arse!", but I tend to ramble on so I apologise.

Thanks for reading.

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Comment by SteFanie on April 14, 2009 at 6:11pm
right on man

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