We forgot our tickets and left them at the motel, so Vivian went to retrieve them. Meanwhile, Tammy and I hit the bar across the street. I was pretty wasted by the time we got there. Halestorm was awesome, the lead singer is one bad ass bitch. Then, STAIND came out and I was pissed off because in no way shape or form did Godsmack deserve to be the last band. When they started crowd surfing, I didn't care for it because it was blocking my view, which was bad enough because I am only 5'4". Then they starting moshing and that was a first for me, as was the crowd surfing. I am very claustrophobic as it is and when this guy's elbow connected with the corner of my eye, I freaked the fuck out and had to leave.

I really regret that now because we drove over 6 hours to get to Nashville. I wish I had just stayed over to the side so I could have at least finished watching the show.

Now I am waiting to see the cities that the Rockstar Festival is coming to so that I can see them and all the other bands, too.

What I did get to see of Mr. Sexy himself was abso-fucking-lutely awesome. I love you Aaron Lewis.

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Comment by Diane Summitt on June 12, 2012 at 10:12pm

I wish I was tall. They just announced the dates for the Uproar Energy Festival and they are coming within driving distance and you can damn well bet that my ass will be there. I will probably be out on the lawn cuz the seats are so high, but I don't give a rat's ass as long as I am there.

Comment by spidermonkey on June 11, 2012 at 11:19pm

it is times like this when i'm glad i am TALL.   i swear it is my height and the fact that my husband looks like he might be a criminal that  gets me out in one piece. ;)

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