Tekken 3: great classic fighting games

Are you one of the gamers who had spent the most time in front of the Playstation and sacrificing your time? Welcome to join in the same community. Sony's console indeed had become king of the console for a long period of time with no competitors at all. The most obvious result is how we feel have a strong emotional connection with some quality titles that was born in it. One of the most memorable for me? Tekken 3!

Never played the previous two series, Tekken 3 became the first games to get to know my franchise-owned giant Namco's fighting game. As a fairly frequent gamers play Street Fighter and King of Fighter, Tekken 3 seem much different then. We're not talking about the graphics quality or character design, but also the game system is presented. Tekken 3 when it is focused on the efficiency and accuracy of movement sustainable.

Plots in Tekken 3 Jin Kazama actually focus on the main character even though there are so many characters that were presented. Children of Jun and Kazuya was featured as the reason behind the King of Iron Fist Tournament this third. His grandfather, Heihachi Mishima, find oddities as many rides on the world-class began to disappear. Heihachi suspicious in figure named Ogre is also known as the "king of Fighting".

Catch Ogre and Heihachi absorb its power becomes an obsession. Therefore, he held a King of Iron Fist 3 to draw Ogre and catch it. Jin Kazama who lost her mother to attack Heihachi Ogre utilized as a main pawn to defeat the gods fight it. Although Jin can finally beat True Ogre, Heihachi see a different side of Jin. Fear of the Devil Gene within Jin's body, making this old man chasing the main character.

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