hello ! im hangin in the hotel. got here yesterday morning. as u know we have been off a few weeks. i been home chillin. what do i do at home? stuff u would never think of. i built a heated nest in my guinea fowl cage. the cage is outside, its a converted dog chain link enclosure. now they have a nice nest with an electric heat mat when its 10 degrees out. i went to a few auctions. i bought some gold jewlery to hoard. i hunt antiques as a hobby. i made a knife. i have a blacksmithshop in my barn. it came out nice. i collect knives also. i cleaned part of my cellar.(that took a whole day) im a cb radio operator. its on all day. fuck tv, id rather listen to the cb and browse ebay and smoke pot and stare out the window at the mountain and woods and daydream. i talk to people as far away as boston, 90 miles away. i have awesome equipment, and antennas. no one knows im a rockstar, its a secret. im just some guy on the radio babbling away. i think its neat. dont forget i grew up in th 70's when cb was very popular. ive never lost interest. i talk on channel 6, 27.025mhz. the biggest cb radio stations in the world hang out there. ham radio has a wattage limit of 1500 watts. some dudes on channel 6 have 10-25 thousand watts. it was nice to see my family on xmass. its a shame i only see them about twice a year. i should really work on that. thanks for tuning in. not much staind news here... maybe soon. johnny a.

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Comment by Emely on January 21, 2009 at 12:33pm
Ireland, I wonder if I will ever get to go???? Anywayz, happy you got to spend time with your family and do your own thing. Seems like I should get a cb and maybe get lucky and talk to you one day. Thanks for sharing..love ya
Comment by Emma86 on January 20, 2009 at 8:10pm
Hi glad you got a few weeks off before you started your European tour. Saw you play Dublin last night it was incredible. Myself and my sister were standing to your side of the stage. I think you took the audience by surprise by playing a mix of songs from all your albums, but it was a great surprise!! The new album sounds brill live lovin Pardon Me at the mo. The whole night was just brill but when ya played Pressure you really took the roof off the place. While Aaron was saying how yas appricate how you can come overseas and play i think everybody in the audience wanted to tell you lot how we appricate you coming over so much. I remember when i went to see you 1st back in 02, & i couldn't beleive you were playing Ireland!! Since then you have come over another 3 times which shows the respect you have for you fans. I hope you managed to get out and have a few drinks while you were in Ireland. Looking foward to seeing ya play again soon :)
Comment by pwalsh10 on January 19, 2009 at 11:25am
^ LOL...i could picture me walking into an american bar (in america) and asking for a pint of Harp.
Comment by spidermonkey on January 18, 2009 at 9:00pm
...i'm strangely intrigued... cool blog.
been to ireland once...mmm, bout twenty years ago.
i remember it vividly.
i actually, really and truly, disgraced all of america by ordering a wine cooler in an irish bar in cavan county called fayes AMERICAN bar.
oh, give me a break...it was the eighties! oh, and i am a blonde...so there you go.
my apologies.
Comment by SteFanie on January 18, 2009 at 8:04pm
sounds liks you stayed pretty busy. glad you got some time away from touring to do your own thing but i must say i'm glad your back at it! you should post some pics of your knives. later old school...
Comment by Shannon on January 18, 2009 at 5:24pm
Sounds like you had a good couple weeks off...you deserve it. as far as the smoking, I have always thought you guys did..you can just tell..lol...But, There's nothing wrong with that..I think everybody does it! I hope you have a great european tour and Thanks so much for meeting me in Indy in Nov. I will never forget that.

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