Well, my ears are still ringing from last night! But it was well worth it!!! We got to the venue about 4.30pm, joined the back of the line, and waited patiently. We were really lucky to be able to hear Staind doing their sound check from outside, by a fire exit, singing the way i am. It sounded amazing. When we finally got in at 7pm, we were not diappointed. The wait in the cold was well worth it, as we were staind on the second level, dead centre of the stage at the front. In my opinion, i could have been alot closer if i went downstairs, but the view looking down onto the stage was amazing. Seether got the crowd warmed up, and this is the first time i have seen them, but they were really good. When staind come on, welll, they blew me away. Its a shame, The Way I Am was on the set list for the night, but the guys tried it 3 times, and each time aaron stopped after 30 seconds as he knew it didnt sound right. After the 3rd time, they decided to change it for Rainy Day Parade, which was awesome. The rest of the night was really good, and arron comming back out at the end to do intro unplugged. He has an amazingly powerfull voice. One thing, which i admire about Staind, is they don't just focus on the new matirial, but also play the older stuff aswell. I think this is brilliant, and the night was just amazing. I hope it wont be too long before they come back!!!

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Comment by Kieron on January 29, 2009 at 2:41pm
This was Birmingham too!! I think thats the great thing about Staind, they are happy to try new things, and if it goes wrong, they get on with something else. When they were doing the way i am on sound check it sounded amazing, even though i was freezing cold at the time waiting outside, im glad that i got there early to hear that! It was an amazing night, and i hope they come back again soon!
Comment by Maria on January 27, 2009 at 4:10am
hi, the same thing happened at birmingham too, they tried three times but couldn't get it together... goes to show that they are only human lol, sounds like you had a fantastic time

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