I am tormented by the thought of not meeting u guys.I need to break the cycle and come see u fur the first time. All I see is 14 shades of gray becuz. I need to open up chapter V and start living .I have never seen u live. I need to get passed the illusion of progress and see u guys. Staind u r the best band in the world. I only wish I could come see your show it would mean so much. To me to see u live. Its one of my goals. In life. But I have yet to see you. I only wish I could make your show in ohio on the 9th. I'm. Going to do my best to finally come. But the way life goes it most likey will not happen. But at least. You live in my cd player. Were I can put your cds on and forget about life for a bit. Thank u so much for you amazingly great music. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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