After being disrespected last night I thought I wouldn't share for awhile, but I slept on it and really pretty much got over it. My love and dedication will never die and I'm not gonna let close-minded and egotistical people take advantage of that, not now, not ever, with all that said I got a couple of links, photos, and interviews I thought were worth sharing since we seldom get the time to ask questions like we want to. This is from 2002, but it's all pretty cool, you can pretty much break down what they were asked by their responses so I won't translate this one. Click here to check it out.

Here is a short Aaron profile he wrote out himself for N-Joy. I thought it was cool reading what super power he wants. Click here to check that out. I also got a kick out of the profile (mug-shotesque) photo. I also really dug the self-portrait lol, I'm sure he can draw better than that though.

Here is a translation of the beginning of the questionnaire:

Aaron Lewis of Staind was with us to visit. And we have questioned him. In our N-JOY STAR Act, we collect all the guests, make them for a photo on the wall and they even paint. Incidentally, when its size has Aaron cheating: the photo shoot in front of the N-JOY-Star wall he put on his tiptoes.

Also, radio stations are giving away meet and greet opportunities for Aaron's solo shows coming up so if you didn't buy one try to be one of the deserving people to win one. I know a couple of the radio stations in Durham are still giving them out for the show tomorrow. So be sure to tune in and also check online for what opportunities are still available.

Staind (Aaron and Mike) will also be on TotalRock this Friday (the 20th) so be sure to catch it if you can.

Click here for awesome photos from the Jan. 29th performance. Some excellent photos here as well.

Enjoy everybody, see you at the next show.

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Comment by Staind413 on February 18, 2009 at 2:02am
OH.....MY.....GOD!!! He is SO my twin, I SWEAR! My worst job EVER also, was selling roses business to business in San Jose, California. Ugh. Needless to didn't last long. And too, one of my most regularily craved meals......a medium rare rib-eye.

P.S. again, thanks for sharing. "yer the best. fuck the rest. and keep commin back, it works if you work it, so work it cause your worth it!"

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