For as long as I can remember I have never fit in. Then again? I'm not sure if I ever really wanted to. From a very young age alcohol and drugs were a way for me to feel OK. They made me smarter, funnier and of course better looking. I have spent countless hours of my life alone and wasted. The only other thing I would allow to join my party is music. When I was wasted with my music I could escape and dream big. But thats all it was. A big dream......better yet a fucking nightmare. This went on for years. In the meantime I have gone through countless dead end jobs. Relationships with people were very difficult. Although while I was out there. I knew of Staind. As a matter of fact I have always had a connection with Aarons words. They have always helped me to identify that someone feels the way that I do. All the pain and all the happiness he speaks of are me. From Tormented...I mean who hasn't wanted to be the guy at the end of 4 Walls. Blowing the back of their head off cause it its not worth it anymore All the way to IOP... who doesn't want to love someone as much as the lyrics in Tangled Up in You. I am sober some time now and listen to Staind on a daily basis. Some of the meanings to the music have changed for me. I don't feel utterly depressed all the time anymore. Do ever notice how Aaron almost always flips the meaning to his songs at the end ever so subtle. I'm that subtle change. I truly don't know if I would be having the life I have today with out Staind. It sounds crazy but I believe it to be true. I would love to hear other stories about getting sober. And if Staind or music in general has helped you along the way. I ramble...but I'm an Alcoholic and a sober one.


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Comment by evonne esparza on May 18, 2010 at 2:56am
that is a cool story ,thats crazy how music gives one a sense of direction,answers or just help when someone needs encouragement of self esteem,,or no matter what your situation is, thanks to our love one AARON he does alot of help with his music and lyrics........
thanks staind we love you!!!!!!!
Comment by Richelle deJong on May 9, 2010 at 1:20am
Very cool story, thanks for sharing. I totally get that connection you got with Stainds lyrics. I myself use to get high (7 years ago) I also would escape in the (Staind) music. It gave me a sense of belonging, like Arron was there, understanding that dark place i was in. And then as each album came out and Arron had his little girl Zoe, the music became lighter and subsequently that was close to when I got sober. I still listen to Staind not only because it makes me appreciate what I have today and where I once was, but I think their music is brilliant. Arron is a true artist who sound just as amazing acoustic, as he does with his band and not many artists can say that.
Cheers, Richelle
Comment by JoeyBishop on April 13, 2010 at 10:06am
Its funny how something like music can give people the hope or encouragement they need to keep going. Plenty of times, I've felt that the words were hitting so close to home. After attending his shows, I've come to realize that there are a bunch of us. So, I'm with you. Good luck on the sobriety.

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