I have been a fan for a long time...I have introduced many people to your music...including my parents. When you released Town Line, my mom fell in love with your voice. My dad even said he liked it. My parents are older, dad is 61 mom is 55. We found out you were coming to St Louis and immediately bought tickets. My dad was in a horrible accident at work in 2008. It left him permenatly disabled. Here he was, a man I had looked up to my whole life, broken and withering away. My dad worked anywhere from 80 to 120 hours a week. He would go months without getting a day off. He loved the fact that he was working his ass off to provide his family with "the good life". My dad went out and bought all of the Staind albums and I truly believe your music helped him, all of us really, through some life altering times. We got to Lumiere place at 4pm...we had tickets for the 7pm show. We had made several phone calls to the theater to make sure my dad would be able to watch you perform and be comfortable at the same time. When we arrived we were shocked to find ojt there would be NO seating. The wonderful staff let all 3 of us in early and brought chairs in for my parents. My dad proud;ly displayed his Dont tread on me flag. Security brought you in and it was just the 3 of us in there, you walked right behind me, saw my dads flag and said Nice...the show didnt start until 7:25pm...we didnt care, we would have waited all night to listen to you. My dad was so happy. I was so proud to look over and see my dad, a man who survived Vietnam, Agent Orange, and the accident which I still believe broke his spirit, smiling and genuinely happy. When you started to sing Country Boy, my dad proudly waved his flag. Youu ended the song, flicked your pick almost into my face, and walked off stage. I was astounded. Im not going to thank you for the 50 minutes of your time...Im not going to thank you for the look of disappointment I saw in my fathers eyes...I will however thank you for showing me that MY FATHER is the true definition of a Country Boy...something you have yet to learn.

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