First off i been a die hard Staind fan for many im familiar with the hard music and Break the Cycle.  Honestly i feel like they are being discredited if you rip on their new album.  I feel its top notch....and yeah because you watched the documentary and know they were in a crunch to finish recording you say its not up to par?  In my opinion they rocked out hard...."Failing" however is my favorite.


I just feel like Staind is being under my opinion.  Ive been to about 15 Staind concerts all in which are unbelievable.  I believe in 2009 they performed @ DTE in Ann Arbor, MI with Shinedown and someone else but it was the 4th of July.  When they performed Outside it was dead silent at the outdoor venue.  The American Flag in the back ground and i swear you could hear a pin drop.  I was mind blown how awesome it was.......and was in the top 5 best days of my life.  I have yet to meet Aaron Lewis...hopefully someday.  I also just seen them in Battle Creek, MI with Godsmack and Halestorm.  It was really good....but im personally not a Godsmack fan and seems like there were more Godsmack fans in the building.


I know this post is all jumbled....but i could really go on forever.  I would be thrilled if Staind reads these posts.  I just want to say keep up with the good work and couldnt be happier with the new album!  I hope there are more people that feel this way about it.

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