Due to the divine timing of this concert, I got to fly into Denver to see the show with Creed as it was the same night we planned to drive down to Albuquerque, NM for the Balloon Fiesta (to crew for a hot air balloon!) Pretty wild, especially since I had Creed tickets twice and both shows were cancelled and Creed wasn't playing in Seattle this time! Staind playing with Creed - MAJOR bonus!!

You're one talented group - the sound, synergy, & Aaron's humbleness was very touchable! You (all) rocked the house! Mahalo! Made up for Scott Stapp taking a few songs to catch his breath! =) Can't blame him - it really is a mile high & he does hit some seriously high notes! lol Love ya Scott!

Small world, too - I'm the current Accounting Mgr/HR for a familiar company for one of you all! Air Oil Products! Your name came up once as I stumbled across some old records! Just happening to see you in my home town ....priceless!

Cheers - keep on keepin' on!
Happy Holidaze to you and yours!

Jennifer in Seattle

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