Hey all !
I just wonder if Staind is actually generous with the fans in some shows you've seen...According to last saturday... it's nothing to be proud of... I've been waiting forever to see them performing live (since dysfunction in fact) and the first time ever they come to Quebec : 10 song at most and bam Jon Wysocki throwing his drumsticks... nothing more... no recall (even if the crowd was screaming....) no bye no cya and a minute later techniciens all over the place to clear out the stage. I'm a fan for 11 years now and I gotta say that it sucked SO MUCH ! never seen a rock show end like this.... Then we left the place completely tired of screaming and pissed very much.
Thank you come again.... Maybe ?????????????????

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Comment by Kade Klinkowski on July 24, 2009 at 9:43pm
Wow dude, that's fucking crazy. Well, at least what I'm trying to say is I really hope Staind isn't like that all the time. I'm in the same place you are in the sense of how long i've been a fan. I've wanted to see them since around the Dysfunction era but never got the chance. As you probably know they've got a really good reputation of being really good with their fans... Well, hell, they wrote a song about them, you know? Reply? So considering that, I would say that they probably had some problems or something with stage management or the setlist set. That just doesn't seem like something Staind would do ever to their fans to me.

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