Damn Aaron Lewis can sing is heart and soul out. I went to the orlando show Tuesday, had great seats and let me tell you it was very cool. My favorite song from them is FOR YOU>>>He sang that song, and for the first time in my life I cried to a song.. His voice just sent my hair standing straight up, and chills ran thru my body. That song is very emotional for me , since I had a horrible childhood with my parents. I know it sound corny, but if you listen to the words and actually hear them, you know what i mean. Thanks Aaron for making that a song on your playlist.. We saw you in clearweater,fl. at ruth eckerd hall a short time ago, accustically, and your are true to your songs..you make us feel them, and that my friend is the meaning of a true song writer. The voice just adds to it..To everyone planning on attending, staind, and creed they both rock.. Thanks, Josh in Tampa,Fl.

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