Michael turned away trying to hide his tears as he left Sara's grave and
clutched the paper holding her final words in his hand. The lead
detective gave it to him to give to his parents, since her letter was
written for their eyes, but after reading it himself he couldn't bring
himself to let go of it. He blamed himself for Sarah's death, no one
else. He could have saved her, but he turned his back on her, like he
was doing now. Like everyone else did her entire life. He could almost
hear her word from the paper whispering in his ear....

"To Michaels parents,
I do not understand what i have done to make you hate me so. I
feel as if you blamed me for things i could not control. I could not
control how we met. I could not control how far apart we lived. I could
not control him being a person from a well off family while i grew up
poor and homeless. I couldn't give him much, but what i did give him was
my love. He had my entire heart. He and i were at our happiest when we
spoke to each other. I tried so hard to give him what he so rightly
deserved. He was my angel after all. My saving grace. But all he asked
for was my undying love, which I gave him without hesitation. However,
his true happiness with a woman who was loyal to him did not suffice for
your standards. I know you only want what's best for him, but couldn't
you see that I wanted the same?
It broke my heart when he told me the decision you forced him to
make. You asked him to choose between his education and myself. Do you
know how shattered his voice sounded that day on the phone? We both
cried out to God, begging Him to help us. But in the end I knew what
would happen. I would not beg him to stay. I would not force him to give
up everything he needed to succeed in life just for love.
But letting him go was such an unbearable pain. I lost the only
person who was ever there for me. My angel. My saving grace. My Romeo. I
only hope that God can forgive me for the sin i am about to commit. I
only hope that He will keep me by His side in Heaven. I loved your son
very much...I'll miss him...."

Michael can remember the night his mother woke him up. The police
were in the living room. The sheriff asked Michael to sit down but he
refused. Then they told him. Sarah overdosed on sleeping pills earlier
that night. He could remember screaming. He could remember crying. Then
he remembered running. Running from the house, the police, his family.
From everyone. Far far away. He stopped once he reached a small opening
in the field. Finally his knees gave out on him and he laid on his
stomach and sobbed into the ground.
Once his final tear was finally spent he rolled onto his back,
hiccuping as he looked up at the stars. Sarah loved looking at the
stars. He remembered one night while they were both outside and talking
on the phone together. She was trying so hard to point out Taurus and
the Seven Sisters as she told him the story about how Zeus sent him to
protect the Seven Sisters from Orion, who chased them everywhere, but
Michael just couldn't pick them out from the millions of other stars in
the sky. But that night he could see them all. as if she was in his
mind, highlighting them for him. another sob stuck in his throat causing
him to choke. He missed her so much. He couldn't believe she was gone.
His Juliet.
His love.
His happiness.
Gone forever.

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