Went to the Staind/Creed concert on Sept 19th,2009. The concert was amazing!!! Staind was great but I couldn't figure out why yall didn't play "Believe" That is my favorite song. Thanks for a great concert yall were rocking the house in the Arena. we had awesome seats CLUB, took my boys ages 19 and 18 they loved yall, one of there favorite bands. My neck is still killing me from head banging so much. THANKS FOR A AWESOME CONCERT!!!!! I think Creed and yall make a good ticket, Creed was amazing, love that Scott Stapp, expecially when he took off his shirt!!! hahahhah

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Comment by Jeanice Vignes on September 23, 2009 at 10:31am
ya I would say if Staind and Creed would come back today, I would buy a ticket!!! STAIND ROCKS and so does Creed!!!!!!
Comment by GavenX on September 23, 2009 at 4:44am
I always love these two bands - STAIND and CREED, so when my cousin told me that he have extra ticket I never hesitated to tag along. I also love the song “Believe” and even thou it was not performed, I think the concert is a success. Honestly, one thing I like the most, since my cousin save me from buying tickets to go and watched the STAIND/CREED concert, I also save in getting short term loans for the tickets. Nice isn’t it? I hope next time I could come for free – just wondering who will sponsor my next ticket? =,) LOL

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