New handpiece offers greater efficiency and a sleek appearance

I can create a crown prep at high speed, then turn the handpiece down to about half speed to finish the margins, without worrying about losing torque. The burs are very precise, with no wobbling, and dentists who work with a microscope will find that margins can be easily finished in a smooth, straight line, as opposed to the bumpy margins that come when working with an air-driven handpiece.

For caries removal, however, I typically use an air-driven slowspeed handpiece, autoclave sterilizer which I find enables a better "feel" for the work than electric, although this could just be an old habit.

One important aspect to think about when considering a handpiece purchase is how it will integrate with your office setup. This was a key priority during my office remodel seven years ago, during which we installed A-dec 500 chair systems.

Using these chairs with A-dec handpieces allows the handpieces and other ancillary devices to be integrated into the chair's delivery system. dental operating light This puts the equipment and controls right where they are needed, and also reduces clutter.

With an integrated system, there is no need for separate boxes or additional wiring or tubing, and the same display can be used to adjust the handpiece, the chair, air/water spray, and lighting.

A system like this offers greater efficiency and a sleek appearance. The display panel also allows for programming pre-sets for additional efficiency, letting you choose a frequently used speed at the touch of a button, or customize with a few additional clicks.

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