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Comment by Mike on July 24, 2011 at 7:25pm
Not bad at all.... Honestly, though I'm looking forward to the new album, I hope it's more like 14SOG/BTC more than Dysfunction or Tormented.... Historically, that's where Staind had more of it's success. Really thinking about it, I think the only reason most Staind fans know about Dysfunction or Tormented is because we first heard the awesomeness of 14SOG, BTC or C5 and thought "wow this band is awesome, what else do they have?" and that's at least how I heard of it... But in any case, hopefully it has some variety and it's not all ear-bleeding, metal greatness. I heard "Failing" (or at least a sample of it) and it seemed a bit softer as well so that's a good sign. I think Staind has seen a great deal of success from varied approaches to their music, and although this album is supposed to go back to "the beginnings" (dysfunction/tormented,etc...) even those albums had some softer songs (i.e. songs like 4 walls) and I hope that they will not let go of some of the things that have contributed to their success all along in an attempt to please the fans that say that Staind got "weak" or "soft". Staind's not back because Staind was never gone. For the most part, the real fans that they do have, have stuck around for each different phase in Staind's music and love every bit of it. I know they won't let us down, but I feel as though perhaps they didn't know what to do after TIOP, and it's lack of sales, and decided to try to go back to the harder sounds in an attempt to win back their fans from Dysfunction, 14SOG, and BTC - but they shouldn't force the change. Staind has "evolved" to some extent as time has gone by and success will come naturally to the band if they stick with what they want to do, as opposed to what they may think will please the masses more.... Idk. "The Bottom" is a great song, but looking at the video/hearing the song "Not Again" and the rapping/freestyling on "Eyes Wide Open" and "Wannabe" it seems that maybe Staind is reaching a bit out of its element in an attempt to, again, please the fans. The old Lincoln Park fans don't need to be the new Staind fans. If Staind just sticks to what they know and the phase of the band, they'll do great. I was very glad to know that "Something to Remind You" will also be on the new album, as it's one of their GREATEST SONGS YET! As for the rest of them.....we'll see if Staind is really sticking to their roots, or if Jon's departure was just the beginning of the crumble of Staind.
Comment by Anthony campello on June 20, 2011 at 10:25pm
This article brought back memories of the past and gave me the chills that i got when i herd stainds first albulm and remembering the long waits for the hidden track at the end! hope the new album is just as good and i wear out this cd also. 
Comment by Marina on June 16, 2011 at 5:52am
i think it'll be good !!!
Comment by spidermonkey on June 4, 2011 at 11:45am
omgomgomgomg...grrreat article.
Comment by Heather on May 31, 2011 at 11:18pm
I feel like this album is going to be epic. great article. I'm still stuck on the Dirt comment- that would be awesome

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