I wrote this poem about my wife when she passed on in Dec, 1993, We were in love, We were high school sweet hearts, we where married for 4 year and a half. then my wife got her addiction and everything changed, she was not the woman I married. But I loved her just the same, Her addiction took her life away from me, and I try every day to move on, But I can't seem to give my heart away to be shattered again, my girlfriend died using a drug they call Oxycontin.


Needle & Spoon

My Girlfriend used to be lovable,

until, she met a new love the

needle & spoon.

We use to be so in love,

she loved me so much and I

her, until she found the

needle & spoon.

The needle & spoon came into

our life and changed everything,

That we shared, things we did

together, then it all fell apart.

all because of the

needle & spoon.

Some ask why do I stay, I say
I love this woman, until death did

us part, I miss her very much he

was my world for twenty-six years,

she loved me... she just couldn't

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