Ok, I’m back… These days passed by so fast I can’t even tell, but it’s time for me to share with all my friends my experience… I arrived at the “Mandela Hall” in Belfast around 5.30pm. I was supposed to be there for 6.15 to meet the band, but I decided to get there earlier just in case!! A couple of moments after I arrived a cute blonde girl comes there and asks me “Are you Milla?”. It was my Zoe!! So we talked a bit and took a couple of pics until Mike, the tour manager for their European tour – a great guy, so kind! – come outside looking for the people who had a VIP ticket. There was me, my boyfriend and other 5 people. We waited on the inside of the building for 30 minutes. They were late with the sound check so we had to meet them in their dressing room while all the people were taking place in the venue. Luckily Zoe kept a place for me in front row so I could enjoy the show from there. So we got in the room an someone asked them why they kept choosing such small venues and they answered that they did not sell enough tickets here in Europe. Another couple of questions, they signed some stuff (Mike was kinda surprised seeing some of the items I brought to be signed!), we took some pics, I gave Aaron a letter and it was done.
The show went great, they opened with Suffocate and played some hard songs such as Tolerate (YEAH!!), Spleen, Falling, For You, Pressure, Mudshovel (I’ll post a pic of the set list soon).
We had lots of fun! After the show me and my bf went to our hotel because we were tired while Zoe got to meet them afterwards and Aaron gave her his jacket because it was cold and she didn’t have one with her.
Day 2 in Dublin was just perfect. Only two people at the m&g, me and my bf. He doesnt speak English so they were all for me for awhile. We talked about Belfast show, I asked them why they did not play Rainy Day Parade that was on the set list and Aaron told me his voice was not ready, but asked me if I wanted to hear it and I said yes so they played it that night. He even asked me if I wanted him to play Epiphany or Tangled up in You acoustically that evening and I choose TUIY because I had heard Epiphany in Belfast. They were great! Aaron asked me about AC, that I had mentioned on my letter so I found out he actually read it!! It’s awesome… I asked them if they were gonna keep the new album logo, and they told me they like to change it from time to time.
That night I got to reach only the second row because there was much more people, but I still enjoyed the show very much. As promised they played RDP and TUIU that I had never heard before. Took a pick, a set list, but not a drumstick… I so wanted it!! Well, maybe next time!
God I love those guys!

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Comment by Rosie is DOWNwitSTAIND on January 22, 2009 at 8:31pm
awesome Milla!!!

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