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MBT ignore use muscle: improve posture and step adjustment and capital; shape; can help improve the back, hips, legs and feet; can help joints, muscles, ligaments and a few pieces of damage healed; reduce the pressure on knee and bone MBT Swiss shoes, can drive whole body movement of cognition. With the unique MBT shoes sole structure, the wearer can in a natural state of instability, but through the balance of movement, that is by increasing muscle activity, to eliminate. Joint by pressure through the movable joint and muscle balance with ease, has formed a straight, natural and appropriate steps with biomechanical posture. MBT shoes clearance can help treat back, hips, legs and feet, as well as related to muscle and ligament and tendon medical condition.When you put on MBT, the ground will no longer feel smooth and stable, so your body must make up and creating stability. The key to this function is the sole structure of arc. In the end the balance block it, so that we in the standing or walking, rolling mode using the moving force and the controlling force to help the body to enhance the balance and maintain the correct posture.In MBT, our philosophy is to keep the body in motion. We believe that sports is the key to help find and keep an appropriate balance of life. We can through the unique in MBT, combined with the shoe design perfect balance function and style to help you achieve this goal. MBT (Masai Barefoot Technology) came out in 1996, we found that, the natural instability has excellent effects on the body. The Masai barefoot walking in natural, uneven road for observation, found the original design of the human body, should not be walking or standing in the modern society, the hard and smooth land.Therefore, we proceed to develop a new type of shoes, one will let us consider walking in the soft, uneven ground shoes. The result is a huge change in revolutionary. Cheap Casual Shoesnow has more than 55 countries around the world to sell, but also by many enthusiastic users enjoy and love

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