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MBT is Masai Barefoot Technology shoes are developed and marketed in 1996 as a function of shoes. The shoe soles similar ship of the arc, so that the person wearing the produce stand and walk a day in the course ofHowever, the feeling of instability, stimulate the body's own balance adjustment mechanism to mobilize muscles and bones involved in the regulation of the balance to go to achieve the effect of exercise the body's muscles, spine, joints and other areas. Because MBT shape more particularly, many people call it "shook his shoes or rocking shoes" or, worse, a direct call MBT shoes as "ugly shoes", in fact it should be called MBT fitness shoes or shoes health shoes more appropriate.MBT shoes sale by the Swiss engineer Karl Muller during a visit abroad, found that walking barefoot in the rice fields to ease his pain. Back in Switzerland, Karl Muller is to develop a barefoot technology, must walk on hard ground city people, make a similar to rice or African savannah soft ground not gentle state, after painstaking research and development for many years, Masai barefoot technology finally put into market in 1996. MBT currently in the world more than 60 countries have sales, annual sales volume of this revolution is about 4000000 pairs, and gradually accepted for Asians, setting off a burst of MBT boom in Southeast asia. While in a foreign country, like Madonna,Schwarzenegger and other celebrities are big fans of MBT MBT believes, human fitness and health is largely by way of walking, this view has been confirmed many scientific research. Therefore,MBT Mens Casual Shoes attempt to spread health ideas and concepts shoes, awaken and strengthen the people to meet the physiological understanding of the right foot, and to direct, simple method, will meet the physiological benefits of the right foot to give youCan exercise your spine, the effect is better, not only challenging, but also very warm (no damage);Using a biomechanical design can enhance your physical, and help you improve the use of muscle and joint approach; the sole is curve of sandwich construction with patent, create a reasonable position; each step can improve your circulation; in short, wearing MBT walk, not only training, and massage.

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