I am gay and proud to be gay... but love is real after all... after i was listening to Believe by Staind, I met someone who changed my life... his name is Skye Cornlieus. He inspired me to hold onto life and never surrender.... Now I am back in Austin, Texas, hoping things would change for the better with Skye. He is all that I'm tangled up in... he is mine. And Sean Sanders, if you are reading this, I'm sorry. Can we still be friends and record some badass music sometime? I am very stable now and here is my address so you can bring me my Texas ID and other stuff I mailed to your old address... it is 4019 Manchaca Road Austin, Texas 78704... find me and we can meet at last.... i'm sorry brother for everything....

And to my boyfriend, Skye... I'll always be tangled up in you. I wish you could be here right now.... with me... I miss you... I'm sorry we broke up and i hope you come home to me someday.... I will see you soon...

Staind saved my life and made me strong enough to be gay and proud to be happy about life.... i think things will change soon.. Everything changes today.


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Comment by evonne esparza on May 17, 2010 at 3:19am
i hope everything works out for you ....never give up,, especially on love
good luck!!!

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