Well I havent been on here since early March I think....Sometimes life gets busy you know??? It sucks though, cause just when you feel like your starting to get comfy around a site, and people start talking to you, then Bam...you miss a couple of weeks, and people forget who you are!! LOL Makes me feel like a "SOMETIMES STAIND FAN".....When that is anything but the truth!! Working 12 hr shifts takes alot out of ya too...and then my lil boy is at an age where every moment is halarious, and you laugh yourself to sleep on most nights!! Its an awesome feeling that Ive had in life lately....I know that its not perfect, but its perfect for me right now, and ive got nothing but blue skies for right now...and thats alright with me!!

In the famous lyrics by Aaron "These are my dreams that Ive never lived before....somebody shake me cuz I must be sleeping..." Now its not really all that, cause I know there are alot of things I want in my life that I dont have yet....but damn...Ive come alongggggg way!

So Hello again friends.... I hope to hear from some of you...This is the coolest fucking site in the world! And Im glad to be a part of the Staind Family!

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Comment by SteFanie on April 1, 2009 at 1:39pm
glad to see ya back Danielle. You still taking your guitar lessons?
Comment by T on March 31, 2009 at 4:54pm
hey...welcome back...sorry to hear you wont be making the Vegas show....you'll be missing a good one....good to see ya back....T

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