I find electric handpieces are a very easy tool

The system comes with a universal adapter that accepts many handpieces, or additional adapters can be purchased for specific handpieces. With this system, and with a sufficient quantity of highspeed adapters, I find that my handpieces need significantly less professional servicing than my old air-driven handpieces.For dentists who are interested in incorporating electric handpieces into their practice, dental implant system I recommend starting with the EA-52LED electric motor and several 1:5 angled handpiece adapters (Synea WA 99LT). In addition, several straight adapters will come in handy.

It's important to protect any handpiece investment with proper maintenance. Some dentists may think it is more cost effective to pay an assistant to perform lubrication by hand, but in truth, using an automated device can cost less than 2 cents per cycle.

An automated device also prevents the inconsistencies that result from having staff members oil handpieces and, by applying the exact amount of oil needed with every cycle, an automated system will help avoid the wear and tear that come from having too little or too much oil. dental implant machine

My practice uses an Assistina 301 Plus maintenance system, which allows us to place the handpiece inside, close the lid, and return 35 seconds later to a cleaned and lubricated handpiece.

The Assistina has an automatic oil dispensing system that performs lubrication consistently, and it rotates the gears and turbines during its purge cycle to thoroughly remove debris and excess oil. It also uses a special cleaning liquid to flush internal air and water coolant lines.

These tools will give you a great start on working with electric handpieces, and then if you choose to continue, a 1:1 attachment will bring you extra versatility.

I find electric handpieces are a very easy tool to recommend, and well worth the short learning curve. After experiencing the benefits of their steady torque and smooth finishing, they are definitely handling the lion's share of work in my practice.

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