so I was just checking things out on the website... seeing what the band was up to, when i stumbled across aaron lewis's accoustic tour! I was so freakin thrilled bc one of the the places he was gonna be touring in was not far from where i live!! so immediatly i get on ticketmaster!!! freakin pumped that i was gonna finally get to see him play accousticly! THEN all my hopes and dreams just freaking crashed right before my eyes! I cant go because im not 21! I will be next year but that doesnt help me now! I would do anything to freaking be able to see him sing again and accousticly!! he is my freakin idol! Staind has got me threw some really tough problems in my life!! but there is no song on any of there ablums that can relate to my problem now :(((((

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Comment by Rammi Alqannas on December 8, 2009 at 10:27pm
hey lauren
I could suggest that you go with someone older!
May be that wouldn't be your idea of an Aaron Lewis acoustic concert but hell if I had the chance I'd take my father with me ;D
God I'm really envious of everybody in the US y'll get a chance to meet Aaron when all I could hope for is just to have a dream that I'm seeing him in a concert

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