Hey Staind---Aaron, or anyone else reading....How can my band be an opener for you!????Please, anyone--someone read this...advise...

Rumors have been flying. I'd like to know how can one open for STAIND?
God, man, Jesus, I have been saying since a kid.........I want to open up for staind.....one day...Seriously, Id like some info.

My band is called Decembers Fall. We are a band from NYC. Rock/alternative/pop. www.myspace.com/decfallnyc
The stuff on there is a little lighter...but we go heavier as well. Your audience would dig our stuff--------

Please, someone let me know. I have no way of finding this out. I hope someone reads this. To anyone on here, Aaron........I wish.....or anyone else......fans or anyone...I can submit a cd and presspack to you, come to you guys---and audition. Anything (well anything musically related!)
I love ya and you're all beautiful but Im just looking for an opening spot and a chance to open for the band who has inspired my writings.

Decembers Fall.

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