Tunica was my third time seeing you...My first time with you solo and I thought it was awesome! I've always identified with your lyrics, however, Tunica took it to the next level. My now wife sent me "So Far Away" on a CD to me while I was deployed to Iraq the first time during OIF II, that song helped me get in touch and manage how I was feeling. Sorry about all the redneck fuckers in Tunica, I drove 270 miles to here you play guitar and sing. I truly enjoyed your "DELIVERANCE" references, they were so fucking stupid that they didn't get the joke (on them!). Anyways, thank you for your musicianship and sharing what is inside. BTW, I gave you the "Army Strong" t-shirt, thank you again for the wonderful lyrics and the presense of mind. Good luck and see you down the road...

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