I want to apologize to Aaron on behalf of Hartford, CT for the complete disrespect he recieved tonight during his acoustic set. This was a sold out benefit show and could be viewed as a waste of his time if the money he made wasnt being donated to children with cancer. I am embarrassed to have been a part of the show that will go down in his history as the "the one he had to walk off stage on" The crowd was more interested in their own conversations than his music and talent. With this being said, please dont let this taint you from coming back to our state! You are one of the most talented musicians of our generation!


Jenn Trombley & Brooke Ledwith

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Comment by Brian Hovey on March 3, 2011 at 4:11pm
Sorry it took so long to post a commnet...............I dont understand this at all!!! This was the place that they got signed opening for Limp, and it was just awful. I believe that the show was oversold and hey it was for Kids that really needed it!! But gods sake please take the drinks out of shows. The bar will make its money with water sales. It was a social, Frat party there that when I asked people to shut up they just yelled louder. I HATE going to the casino's for shows and this proves that I have to do it so I dont have to be around stupid people and I can hear someone that I love to listen to
Comment by mandy on February 26, 2011 at 10:16am
I 100% agree with Jenn and Brooke!!!!! I could not believe how much everyone was talking.  I can't imagine how Aaron must have felt up there to actually tell the crown to shut the f**** up... I have seen his acoustic shows before at either Moheghan Sun, or Foxwoods, and everyone is silent. I think Jenn and Brooke said it all in a nutshell, Please Aaron do not let this keep you from coming to perform around here again, not ALL of us were talking last night.  I loved your performance and I love the new songs, I will be buying the CD on Tuesday. 

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