I am a ghost to you, who used to come around

In the chains of the past, forever I am bound.

Your life has moved on, leaving me behind.

Forgotten memories in the recess of your mind.

Once I was real to you, once I had a soul.

Once I complted you. We made each other whole.

Believing in true love, things like fate and destingy.

Only in our youth can we afford to be so naive.

"Forever" is a fairy tale, Eternity a dream.

And "Happily ever after" never what it seems.

Desperately holding on, clinging to the past

As we found the future slipping from our grasp.

"Come with me," you said, begging me to follow.
I should have listened, instead your words rang hollow.

Still you waited, hoping, looking over your shoulder,

But I never came and soon the night grew colder.

In my arrogance I thought you'd always be there.

Too selfish to realize I wasn't being fair.

For a time you let me haunt you, a shadow in the night.

I refused to admit you had given up the fight.

Lingering like a spirit who hasn't yet passed on,

Couldn't believe the life I loved was gone.

Without me you found peace, I only found regret.

While I lived on memories, you learned to forget.

So now I am a ghost to you, who used to come around

In the chans of the past, forever I a bound.

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