I would like to start off by thanking Aaron and his crew for setting up the meet and greets. Although it cost me a good penny, it was well worth it. I have waited a long time to meet and say to Aaron that in a way he saved my life. I even told him, when I meet him, that it must have been corny to say that to him. It's funny because he helped me through meeting him, by saying it wasn't and he understood. I guess wearing my motorcycle jacket with huge USMC letters in the back, over shadowed by our symbol, the EGA as we call it, made him realize why. My story of Aaron and the band called Staind goes back a long time for me. That's why when I purchased my first ticket ever to meet him and hear him sing, I knew that I wouldn't be disappointed.

I first listened to Staind in 2005. That year I was in my second tour of Iraq with the Marine Corps. During the month when I first heard Zoey Jane, we lost one Marine due to a vehicle explosion, and several others were seriously injured. Another Marine was near a truck listening to Staind after the aftermath. I heard Zoey Jane and saw my buddy crying. He often talked about his daughter and expressed to me that this song made him think about his little girl back home. He, along with other Marines, found things to do to kill time. Mine was listening to my new found music. Months went pass and I listened to just about ever song of Staind I could listen too. That's when we lost an entire sniper team which almost made me lose my insanity. With a team we had to go find them, recover what's was left of them and ensure that they were sent back home. Words cannot explain what I saw. I can tell you I didn't sleep much after that and I questioned myself, my life and then some. Epiphany was the song that made me cry, made me think, made me ask questions and start all over again and again. When I got home, it literally took me four years to understand what life was really about. Although by this time I had my daughter already and my life was situated, I realized that I survived insanity because of a song. A fucking song!!!!!

What the hell does that mean? I don't know how it happened; I don't even know what words triggered me to listen and understand. All I know is that I'm alive. I have a beautiful little girl,which I sing to her every night "Tangled Up In You," a girlfriend who supports and loves me and a life that I cherish more now than I did almost 7 years ago. All because I sat down to listen Epiphany. Amazing what a song can do!

Thank you Aaron for saving me.


I'm looking forward to your second country album and when ever you are in AC, NJ again, I'll be there.

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