Q: Best tour you've ever done?

MM: That's a tough one.  We've been really fortunate to be on some great tours and have made some really good friends along the way.  I actually just saw Terry Balsamo who used to play in Cold and is in Evanesence now - we became really good friends from playing so many shows with Cold a while back.  Loved playing with Sevendust - love those guys!  I think the tour that we got that I was the most excited to get was to be able to open up for Korn back in 2000.  Those guys are awesome live and it was cool because on that tour, we got up during Korn's set and played "Need To" off of their 1st record.  That was awesome!
Q: Did you ever think you would be keeping the guitar solo alive in mainstream rock? Love you guys, saved my life many times.
MM: Thanks for that but really there are some really awesome guitar players out there doing some great stuff. I will say it was fun to solo again tho! I'm really glad you're still here and hope things are going better for you.
Q: What's your method for writing and recording? 
MM: My method for writing is really just sitting around playing the guitar.  I always have a tape recorder close by in case I stumble across an idea I like. I like experimenting w/ different tunings + trying different things for inspiration.  When it's time to write a record I just go back through the tapes + listen back on things I've put down to see what I think is good. That's usually where most of the songs I bring to the band come from.
As far as recording goes, it really depends on the song and what it calls for.  Pretty much used my signature model baritone for most of the new record along with a few other baritones that I have. I love using the diezel vh4 - used a ton on the new record.  Also, used my marshall jmp-1 and el34 100/100 power amp (my live rig is those 2 amps), bogner uberchall and ecstasy, really whatever amp we have that sounds right for the song.  Then we were using a few different cabinets.  We had an old marshall cab and a bogner cab that we used for a lot of the record.  For mics, we use a sm 57 and a senheisser 421.
Q:Excess baggage, why did u decide to put it as a hidden track and what was your inspiration 4 the song because its awesome! ;)
MM: That's a song that Aaron had while we were doing Dysfunction. I remember he recorded it sitting in a stairwell, in the studio in Seattle that we recorded at (Pearl Jam's studio). At the time, a lot of bands were doing the "hidden track" and i just think we thought it would be a cool idea.
Q:Any particular people inspire you guys to keep doing what you do?
MM: For me, i think my biggest inspiration to keep going is how much i really love making music. It's really a great feeling once you know you've finished a record that you're proud of, to be able to put it on and listen to it or play it for others.

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Comment by danny young on August 26, 2011 at 4:54pm

You have a huge guitar sound. How does your signature PRS baritone differ from a regular 6 string electric guitar?

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