"Everything Changes" - Staind Popular Karaoke Song

So what could be your favorite song of STAIND?

We often go to see their concerts and shows, but what is the song that makes you sing along with them?

Anyone who partakes in the nightlife has spent their fair share of time at karaoke nights at the bars and nightclubs they frequent, or even in a few dives. What do you think are the most popular karaoke songs?

It isn't as if Gallup has a poll on this, and I'm certainly not about to get payday loans or something for a nationwide survey. I've noticed that certain songs ALWAYS get into the rotation.Well, in one karaoke bar I heard that the song "Everything Changes" by STAIND as well as Don't Stop Believing by Journey, Sweet Home Alabama for another, and Sweet Caroline always manages to make an appearance, and Margaritaville by Jimmy Buffet is another big one.

You might not remember this, right. Here's a video for you to see and hear and be proud that is consider TOP hits amongst their songs. You might want to sing too.

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