this is my lil story about me... my mom left my dad when i was 7months old i had to live with my mom because she lied to the judges abot my dad and my dad promised her he wouldnt take me and my sister from her which was a huge mistake he should have taken us from her because i love her very much but she did not take care of us at all my sister changed my dipers and she took care of me ever sense she was 3 yrs old because my mom went partying and she done lots of drugs u name it she has done it... neways i have lived on my own sense i was 12yrs old and i had to grow up way to fast i was 7 yrs old when i had to start learning how to cook and me and my sister would have to take turns cooking for us and our younger brothers justin and jeffery.. jeffery and justin had different dads then us so shea mysis had taken care of justin when he was born and i had to take over with justin when jeffery was born because i was still a lil young to be takeing care of a newborn... shea is 24 i am 21 justin is 19 jeffery is 18... so we was close to eachother because when we all got older we took care of each other me and justin teamed up in hustleing and shea got with a man and had 2 baby girls and jeffery lives with his dad and shea and jeffery is on disability sheas disability is because she never got to go to school for very long and she is concidered mentle retarded and jefferys disability is for ed emotionaly disturbed and he has anger issues and he can not work because he gets angry at the littlest things and will hurt some one... and neway it i think of nething else ill add it on here this is long enough...

Im moveing back to oklahoma i am rideing the greyhound bus and i will arive at home at 510am on monday morning the 9th and i cant wait.... but i will not be getting back onto the staind website bc i will not have a computer so but i will try to check it atleast once every 6 months and there is nothing rele goin on on this site neways i have checked it alot and there is not shit goin on that i care for and neways i'll catchya latter

Much Love : Ashton Anderson

aka: Oklahoma Outlaw

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Comment by Kendra Kostrin on August 6, 2010 at 12:47pm
<3 be proud!!!

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