Dallas Palladium, March 13, 2010 Solo Acoustic Tour

I had the pleasure of attending a great show. I've been a fan since the mid 90's and I've made it a point to see Staind live. I first attended a show in Austin in August 2009 which was at the Austin Music Hall. But the real treat was the Solo Acoustic show in Dallas! Man, what an awesome experience. I'm still singing "Country Boy'' and watching the vids from youtube.com.

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Comment by I_sEe_ThRu_U on March 24, 2010 at 3:00pm
hell yea man hella worth it! meeting Aaron was the icing on the cake. jus wish i coulda smoked with him. lol i had some FIRE! yea man we turned around the next day and drove 500 miles back. drove bout 200 miles while in Dallas. it ended up being roughly 1200 miles total. did it in 45 hrs. wow! i didnt get into another car for like 4 days lol. might take me a couple days to find the vid but when/if i do ima let you know man. also met Vinnie Paul from Pantera like right before Aaron came off the bus. yea crazy night. best bday ive had hands down. just wish i had more time with Aaron so i couldve talked to him one on one a lil bit. there is always next time!
Comment by JoeyBishop on March 24, 2010 at 1:40pm
500 miles? thats nuts but well worth it, huh?! thats cool that he's such a laid back guy and what really makes him stand out to me. sure wish i coulda hit that joint though, haha! I'll look for that video. take it easy.
Comment by I_sEe_ThRu_U on March 24, 2010 at 11:27am
lol thats crazy you recognized me. drove 500 miles that day from Topeka, Ks. was a great show too. man Aaron is laid back and funny as hell. he had me crackin up. he gave his joint to some guy and says "if i give this to you, you have to smoke that shit you cant save" got that on video somewhere. ima have to find it and post that shit. yea man he wished me happy bday and shit. it was crazy. i didnt say alot to him because of the long drive and i was so fuckin nervous my whole body was shaking. lmao. it was an experience of a lifetime!! i seen him in KC in Jan. too. the Dallas show was WAY better. better crowd which made Aaron ALOT more laid back on stage. he put a lil more into the set this time around. especially COUNTRY BOY. im so glad that the vid is on youtube. lol now i can relive that night any time i want! haha
Comment by JoeyBishop on March 24, 2010 at 9:53am
thats fucking awesome> well happy belated birthday bro! whats even crazier, I was sitting in the same row as you. My girl was sitting to your left and I was sitting to the left of her. We were the mexicans sitting about four seats to the left of you. Crazy how I recognized you when i saw your photo. Im stoked that you met him. What was he like?
Comment by I_sEe_ThRu_U on March 24, 2010 at 12:14am
Hell yea man!!! it was an awesome fuckin show!!!! i had the honor of meeting the gret Aaron Lewis that night! and it just happened to be my bday!!! lmao AMAZING SHOW!!!!!!!

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