Comment on Aaron's show at The Music Box in Atlantic City, NJ on 2/18/11 & 2/19/11

I just wanted to comment on Aaron's show's at the The Music Box in Atlantic City, NJ.  I'm a big fan of Aaron's music and I think that he has a lot of talent. There's not too many rock muscians that have an actual good singing voice like Aaron.  Most rock musicians can only scream and Aaron deviates from them.  Not only does he have phenominal voice, the songs he writes have beautiful lyrical content.  I love his old and new songs alike and think the country element added to his music was just a new form of self expression.  I also thought his side kick Ben was great on stage with Aaron, he gave the music a slightly different edge!  I just wanted to say that whoever called Aaron a "pussy" during the show got it wrong, He's not a pussy, he's a Country Boy!!!  Hope he continues to write more songs because he has a lot of talent & hope to see more future shows!


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Comment by Danny823 on February 24, 2011 at 11:02am
WHAT!!!! How disrespectful! Why would you spend all that money to insult someone who is performing and doing what he loves to do for his fans! This really pisses me off! If I was around that moron we would of beat him down right in the crowd. Man I hope he got his ass kicked! I bet Aaron got the best of him on the mic though, cause he won't take any shit from anyone!
Comment by spidermonkey on February 22, 2011 at 12:41am

WHat a jackass.  How does aaron put up with that shit? 

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