Books returned, locker cleaned out, backpack as light as a feather
(thankfully!), I can’t help but to sit and think about these past four
years at Upper Cape Tech with mixed emotions. “It’s not every day you
graduate from high school” adults say. You would think that would be
reason to celebrate, flashing your diploma to the world like a shining
banner, but…I’m not celebrating. At least not yet. Instead I sit here,
thinking about each year of high school. Smiling at fond memories,
grimacing at others.

Entering Upper Cape Tech as a freshman made me feel like a child again,
going to school for the first time. I felt lost, alone, confused, and
unsure of what to make of things. However, I was extremely excited at
the same time. “I’ve finally made it. High school!” I remember thinking
upon first getting off the bus. But then I remember feeling panicked as I
became lost in the sea of other students. I was finally able to push my
way back to student services to get my schedule, since I was a transfer
student from Bourne High and missed the first week of school.

Once I found a girl I recognized from middle school I clung to her like a
Periwinkle on a rock. This girl became my best friend, Taylor Bean.
Even after I found other people I knew, Taylor and I were still joined
at the hip. I guess you can say it was a sight to see since she and I
are from two different “cliques.” Taylor being into rap and hip hop and
me being into pretty much everything else, especially metal. Quite the
sight to see indeed.

Sophomore year is when you fall into the flow of high school. However,
it’s also the year full of drama and everyone nettling into each others
business. It was not a fond year for me, being thrown into the middle of
the dark wizard of drama with no weapon to keep him at bay. I remember
very little of that year, probably on purpose. The only good times from
that year I remember clearly were from my English classes with Mrs.

One of my favorite memories in that class was when my friend Sam
Blakeman, who was sitting next to me, brought a frog to class with her
in a Styrofoam container used for food. Everyone in the class knew about
the new companion except for the teacher. We all traded looks and
snickers each time it jumped, causing the container to move across the
desk, and chirped. Mrs. More did eventually find out about Sam’s friend
but wasn’t too hard on her and left us with a memory we still frequently
talk about to this day

Another fond memory from that class was our finals where we got to work
with the other English classes. My group, consisting of Sam Blakeman,
Andrew Mitchell, and Alex Bossé, decided to act out a scene from
Shakespeare’s play “Macbeth.” The coolest part was that we got to take
the scene and make it our own. We all agreed on acting out scene three
from the first act. Since we were doing a vampire theme we decided to
create our own scene in the beginning, where Sam (Macbeth) and Alex
(Banquo) were attacked and turned by vampires. The best part about our
project was that when we were filming the witches doing a spell in the
woods, the sky turned dark and you could hear thunder. Totally unplanned
but totally awesome.

Before you know it its junior year and you’re now being looked up to by a
lot of freshman. I found it to be a very daunting experience. I had a
lot of fun with exploratory though. Being able to teach the freshmen
helped me realize just how much I’ve learned. It made me feel smart I
guess you can say (insert laughter here).

And now it is finally senior year. I find this year to be very
bittersweet. I’ve lost so many friends but gained a few more. I will
miss them all very much, as well as the awesome teachers of this school
(including you Mrs. Smith!). I will miss the shop greatly, for it was
like home for me. I would even go so far as to say I’ll miss the fish,
even though they made the whole school smell when the sophomores cleaned
out the settling tanks twice a week. I’ll miss getting stomach aches at
lunch from laughing so hard with my friends while I’m trying to eat.
I’ll miss having the lower classmen in my shop coming up to me for
advice. I’ll miss the deep conversations and debates I’ve had with both
teachers and friends.

But two things I will not miss are Taylor’s speed demon-like driving and the high school drama. Noooooo thank you.

Now, instead of looking back, I can’t help but to look forward. What
will my fellow classmates who I care so greatly for be doing now? What
will be happening five years from now? Ten years? Twenty? Will things be
going the way I planned? Will I make it through college? Will I find my
natural position? My niche? All I can say is, no matter how far ahead I
look, I won’t know until I actually take that first step will I? So,
when I get up on that stage and get my diploma, I’ll fly away to my
future like an eagle. Powerful, wise, and free.

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