So i had to jump on here and i guess kinda vent lol. I am currently deployed and stationed at arifjan kuwait, but i do the missions going up in to iraq, well usually we have celebs come by and its posted everywhere that they are coming. well i left my base and get up north, then a friend post on facebook, " i just met aaron lewis the lead singer of staind i dont really know who he is but its kinda cool " seeing this i got pretty heated cause im deployed here didnt hear one word that he was coming and doing a meet and greet , i have been a staind fan since i can remmember seen several shows, and i have said many many times aaron is probly the one person that is famous that i would wanna meet., def seems like my one oppurtunity may have been here in the sand box and i missed it by a few days..... damn it. Well hopefully once i get back to the U.S. around april or so, i can see him solo or staind again in concert. they never dissapoint in concert thats for sure. if anyone has anything to add please feel free, just thought it was kinda funny that he was here and i missed it. Hope everyones doing well , and keep it up guys you guys rock !!

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