Hey Staind, I’m a Huge Fan of your music since I was 16 when I heard your album Chapter V. This album meant a-lot to me when I started my freshman year and all i wanted to do was listen to your previous albums while getting through some hard times . It would mean the world to me if you were to make a dedication to my girlfriend in Washington who is also a fan to see you at Uproar in Auburn, WA as her first concert. If I didn’t give her my album Chapter V before she moved a year later as a ‘go away present’ then she would have never heard Aaron Lewis’s Talented/ Amazing lyrics, Mike’s down Smacking Guitar Riffs, Johnny’s Stage shaking bass lines, and Jon’s hard smashing drum beats . (before Jons replacement). I’m asking for this dedication because I dated my girlfriend for 1 year in ‘09’- ‘10’ the end of freshman year through summer and after a whole year at the end of sophomore year she moved to Maine and we have been separated for two years (’10’-‘12’). She recently moved to Washington from Maine and I currently reside in California and now that were older we can now drive legally to see each other finally. We’re dying to see each other hopefully by the end of this year for New Year’s. I feel she is so exhilarated to see You (Staind) perform Live at her first concert and it would Blow her mind if you were to make this One dedication to Shannon P. from Johann V (pronounced: yo-hon). I know she will ball tears if you made this dedication before you play ‘Something To Remind You’ or ‘Everything Changes’ but I don’t want to mess up your scheduled song list you know. Whatever song you guy’s would prefer or any song in fact, I wouldn’t want to get in the way of that. Any song is okay with me. It would mean the world to us if our lives have been separated for so long and to be re-united one step closer with this emotional impact. I would deeply appreciate it if supervisors or members of Staind can give me a reply if they are able to do this or not. HUGE Fan Johann V

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