hey everybody, how's it going? all is well here - we've been on the road now for just over 2 weeks and we're playing in the new england area so we get to spend some days at home which is nice!!! we had a real hectic past week - we were all in new york doing a bunch of press to promote the new record, the illusion of progress, coming out august 19th. it went really well. aaron was a bit under the weather - he's been fighting a cold since we started touring, so we didn't play anywhere but did a bunch of interviews. he's starting to feel better now though, which is great!! we also got to see a first cut of the video for the first single "believe" while we were in ny and it looks awesome!!! it was a really cool concept... it's about a guy who plays guitar and wants to move to the west coast. the filming started in springfield, ma and they took a week and drove across the country filming their experience's along the way. it's kind of like a reality video and it came out really cool!!

so, we're just getting rolling on this 3 doors down, hinder tour and the show's have been great!!! crowds have been awesome and getting a really good respons e to "believe". it's great to catch up with old friends also - 3 doors down and hinder. we have a great time when were out with those guys. hopefully we get to see you out on the road. talk to ya soon.



The Illusion of Progress availalbe August 19th. Pre-order your copy now and receive a Staind t-shirt and instant "Believe" MP3 download, visit www.staind.com/preorder

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