Hey there, just checking in again. we spent a day in Evansville on Monday, and took the opportunity to go see the new Batman Movie. it was very good, kind of long but good. We had a show on Sunday in Hershey, PA, it was our last show with Hinder for a while – Austin is going to get married. Finger 11 hooks up with the tour soon which is cool - I like those guys. it's funny to think that now every band on the bill had their albums produced by Johnny K. Including us, 3 Doors Down and Finger 11. Looks like we all have something in common. We actually start some headlining dates next week. I think we have about 10-12 days or so on our own before we hook back up with 3 Doors Down. I know during that time we play in Sturgis, which I'm really looking forward too. I wish I had my bike with me so that I could go riding but it'll be cool to be there and play at The Buffalo Chip. It should be interesting. Our new record is about to be released, pretty exciting right!! All I know is that August 19th is coming quickly. It seems like we just finished the record and it's already coming out. We'll be in New York City for a few days around the time of the release dealing with the press and I think, playing a show the day of release. We just got confirmed to play on the Howard Stern show again - which I'm psyched about. I love doing his show - besides I listen all the time. I'm sure it'll be a pretty hectic week but it'll be nice to finally let people hear what we've been working on. Hopefully people like it - I know we're proud of it. Our video for ‘Believe’ is up on youtube now and it has already premiered on Kerrang.com in the UK which is pretty cool. If you get a chance check it out. anyhoo, that's about all I got - hopefully we'll catch ya on the road.



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