hey there - so here we are in casper, wy. we actually had a couple of days off here since the deluth, mn show was canceled. we've just been hanging out - aaron had a cookout on sunday night which was fun. we were supposed to all go white water rafting yesterday but it was really overcast and not very warm so everyone bailed on it. i'm sure it would have been fun but no one wanted to get sick so we went to the mall to kill some time instead. they also have a double a baseball team for the colorado rockies here that was playing across the street so we went over and watched the game for a little bit. i'll tell ya something about casper, wy that i did not know but found out pretty quickly - it's a mile up like denver. we got off the bus and i could tell because i have a real hard time breathing in high altitudes for some reason. playing shows in this kind of altitude is always fun - i'm gasping for breath by the second song. also, today is the start of a couple of weeks of headlining shows for us so we'll be playing longer than on the 3 doors20shows. it'll be good though because we get to add in a bunch of songs.

we also got to see the first cut of the making of the record piece that was recorded over the last 8 months or so. i'll tell ya, i think it came out really good!! it's a pretty comprehensive piece that includes interviews with all of us in the band and johnny k the producer. there was so much footage shot i swear it could have been 2 hours long but this was a 1/2 hour piece that i think will be available on the internet when the record comes out. you really get to see where we recorded and how things went down along with everyone's personalities. i think if you're a fan you'll enjoy watching it. i did.

well, 2 weeks from today the record comes out. i can't believe the time is here. starting to get a bit nervous for some reason. i also can't wait for people to be able to sit back and be able to listen to the whole thing. i think all the songs need to be heard for sure - hopefully everyone enjoys it. that's about all i got - hopefully we'll see ya at a show soon.



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