Hello everybody, hello Aaron, Mike, Jon, Jonny!I'm Luca from Hungary. I just joined for this site, and I very happy, that this site is changed for this form. (Sorry, if you can't understand anything, my english not perfect) I use to be a member of staindsouls as well.
Okay. I'm 21 years old now, and Staind my "favorite, favorite, favorite..." band, since 7 years. It's begin with "It's Been Awhile". I always saw a beld guy with candles and guitar ...and cigaretts, and I just sitting in front of the TV, and thinking, "Who is this band? I never herad before....But I really, really like it...Where can I buy their CD?"....I lived in a small village, than I must to travel to the capital, Budapest, to look after the album... But I can't buy it, beacuse it missed from every shops, and the shop assistents look at me so strange, when I said "Staind"....they didn't know what I am speaking about...."Oh my God"....Finally I ordered in a little shop the "Break The Cycle", and I wait for it 2 weeks, but I got it!!!
It was a very happy moment, when I can listen the songs in my own CD player! :)
So, that was the start of this love. After that, the years are fly away, and this love always get stronger, and stronger. When a new album is come in, I was at the shop, and order it, but the problem is that in my country, they came so so later, than in Amerika, and I must wait....and is so hard for me! :)
But the bigger problem is that I haven't got the Origin Tormented album, because I can't buy in my country...Nowhere... :( Only Tormented miss from my collection, and naturally the latest album.
I never be in Staind concert....(crying)....Years ago, Staind was in Wien (Austria). It's about 350 km from my home....and i can't go, because there was no money for the train...to my sorrow.
Since then, I just dreaming, that some time Staind will come in to my little country, and Aaron will sing for the little hungarian Staind fans :) I always vote for Staind, to invite them to the "Sziget Festival",(is it a bigest music festival in my country...they invite Korn, Iron Maiden, Pink, and so on) but seems that they don't know, whos play really music....music for the "Staind hearts"....
I hope, that one time I meet with Aaron, and the guys. I like to signed my albums, and I like to show to them my tatto on my back. There is only just a word: "STAIND"....This word means everything for me. Their music is my life. And this little tatto always remember me, who I am...
Thanks to reading, hope it was not so boring! :)

Luca, Hungary

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