im really kinda nervous about writing a blog because i dont feel like my opinion should mean any more than someone elses. with that being said i would like to share a website with you that is startling to say the least. its i think as the people whose country this is we have a right to know the truth. whether you are a liberal(uggh) a liberatarian, or conservative there is no argueing that we are lucky and blessed to have this place to call our home. it truely saddens me to hear the way people talk about this country. it infuriates me to watch us time after time year after year put these corrupt,power hungry,bought and paid for puppets in charge of that which we take for granted every single day and then we complain about it while they suck us dry with overtaxation and over-regulation of our small businesses and our corporations in order to fund their own agendas wether they are in americas best interests or not. we have allowed our public servants to become elitists. we complain about the best healthcare in the world. people from everywhere travel here daily for our doctors and hospitals. we complain about taxes when we allow welfare to be abused to the extent it is,when we allow the government to keep growing and spending more of our money. we allow people to come here without going through the same process our families had to go through in order to be a citizen of this country. they take from the system and reap the benefits of the system without being a part of it. ALL OF THIS WE ALLOW. maybe if american history was still required in this completely fucked, government controlled education system we have, we would be a little more aware of what took place over the last 300 and some odd years for this to be our home. the "change" we all seek is not barrack we're fucked obama, its been right under our noses the entire time.......its called THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE ...hundreds of thousands of good selfless men and women have died protecting that document in the name of country and honor. what has happened to us........ we are afraid of work, afraid to fight, afraid to stand up and be proud of a country that our american ancestors, our blood, died to preserve. i have traveled all over the world and seen many cultures and many different systems of government and there is no place on this earth that i would rather call home than this golden land of opportunity that is the USA......i think dorothy said it best "there's no place like home" and i couldnt agree more. i am the american dream. i grew up in a trailer park just outside castleton VT. i came from( just getting by) lower middle class america and was given an opportunity that has snowballed into this. im no different than any one of you and could have been any one of you. i am america italian welsh english german russian and polish......can you say melting pot. throw irish and french in there for my daughters and thats about as "american" as you can get. i love this country and long to see us all pull together as one white yellow orange green red purple aquamarine magenta.........americans. im proud to an american......are you?

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Comment by 1staind stacey on December 28, 2008 at 12:19pm
I couldn't have said it better myself. And yes, I AM VERY PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN and I LOVE MY COUNTRY!!!!
Comment by Miriam on December 28, 2008 at 10:54am
Wow what thoughts about the state of our country. I grew up in the late 70's in the mid-west. It really saddens me to see whats going on in this great country. Been watching it get worse for years. Especially the education system. It angers me too to see people constantly taking advantage. I like nothing more than to help people with a hand up when they are down. These are the folks who are proud to be a part of our country. To work hard. Give back in some way. There is a big difference between a hand up and a "hand out!" Way too many of those people out there. My parents imigrated from Canada (yes, rock on there too, my second love). They became citizens when I was a kid. I still remember how pround my Dad was to become an American citizen and to have the privilledge to VOTE! He not only talked the talk but walked the walk (rest in peace Pops). We were dirt poor preacher's kids so my parents could pursue their dream of taking their beliefs to the people. They lived the American dream by working hard and giving back. Proud to be American too!
Comment by Staind413 on December 28, 2008 at 1:16am
WOW Aaron!.... THANK FRIGGIN YOU! my sentiments exactly.

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